Turning Chance into Opportunity

Tyler Martin


With both parents disabled, Martin worked full-time while attending Johnson & Wales as an undergraduate studying 刑事司法. “It’s just life,” he says when questioned about the workload. “I learned a lot of good things from it. Those three years were really setting me up — the things that I learned were invaluable. It set me up for what I’m doing now.”

By “now,” he means not only landing a place in JWU独特的3 + 3计划 — which is open to students studying 刑事司法, Political Science, and Liberal Studies — with RWU Law, but also earning a spot in the top five out of a class of 170 law school students.

While he’s not certain what type of law he’d like to pursue, Martin is leaning toward corporate or contract law — a decision aided by his experience as a research assistant for his contracts professor, Tanya Monestier.

Although he came to JWU with thoughts of law enforcement, one class during Martin’s first year changed his mind. 藤教授保罗’s criminal court class opened the doors to law for Martin, and he knew immediately that law was the avenue he wanted to pursue.

What he didn’t know, however, was how to go about it or what any of it entailed. So he enlisted the help of his advisers and College of Arts & Sciences 院长 迈克尔FEIN, who opened Martin’s eyes to the groundbreaking 3+3 program.

“At the time, the program was only open to Liberal Studies and Political Science majors,” Martin recalls. “I was a little stubborn — I didn’t want to change my major.”

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Some of the quick-thinking credit, Martin is quick to clarify, comes from his experiences at JWU — particularly from two professors. “Joe Delaney and Dan Driscoll are fantastic,” he says. “They helped me so much with the law school process and even making the decision itself. They were both there for me academically and personally. They were a big part of my success at Johnson & Wales.”

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Motivation is not something Martin lacks – evident from his first year at JWU, to the determination to get into the program, to now, where he remains near the top of the class.

“I have had tremendous success here,” Martin says. “I know that this situation wouldn’t have come in this way if it wasn’t for JWU. JWU gave me this opportunity. They helped me save a year of tuition.”

Martin’s story is not over — in fact, it’s likely just beginning — but his path from JWU to RWU Law is a true example of perseverance and hard work.

“JWU prepared me academically for law school, and I’m doing things now that I didn’t think I was going to be able to do,” he says. “JWU really gave me everything that I needed – and then some – and set me up for success.”


Tyler Martin

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